• Larb Kai Chicken Seasoned in herbs, spices & lemon juice with green salad
  • Yen Woonsen Noodles, Chicken & Shrimps in Lemon Juice
  • Yen Pia Mug Fish with Onion, Lemon Juice
    & Hot Pepper
  • Hae Guen Tord Mince Shrimps wrapped in a thin Pan cake


  • Tohum Yum Goong Spicy Shrimps Soup
  • Tohm Yum Pla Kapong Hot & Sour Soup of
    Sea Bass
  • Tohm Yum
    Loog Chin Guy Hot & Sour Mince
    Chicken Soup
  • Gaeng Loeng
    Vegetables & Fish
    in Hot Soup


  • Gaeng Keon
    Thai Chicken Curry
  • Guy Pahd Kiny Fried Slice Chicken with Ginger
  • Guy Pahd Med Ma Mung Fried Chicken with Cahsewnuts
  • Guy Lavdung Chicken in Brown Sauce
  • Guy Ohb Supparod Chicken with Pineapple in Pineapple Sauce
  • Guy Pahd Yord Kao Pohd Sliced Chicken with Young Con
  • Loogchin Guy Pahk Prill Chicken Balls Fried
    with Chilli Paste


  • Goong Pahd Prin Shod Fried Shrimps with Chilli
  • Goong Ohb Mordin Shrimps Cooked in Casserole
    with Noodles
  • Goong Ohb Cluea Sauted Shrimps Salt & Pepper
  • Goong Jian Shrimps with Oyster Sauce
  • Pla Kapong Nahm Dang Fried Sea Bass
    on a bed of veg
  • Hor Mon Taleh Mix Seafood Cooked in Curry paste
    and Coconut

Beef & Mutton

  • Nuea Pahd Hed Horn Beef with Mushroom
  • Nuea Pahd Nahm
    Mun Hoy Fried Beef in Oyster Sauce
  • Nuea Hong Kong Slice of Fillet with Red Sauce
  • Panang Nuea Fried Beef with Chilli Sauce
  • Nuea Wharn
    Sweet Dry Beef

Rice & Noodles

  • Guey Teow Pahd Thai Fried Noodles with Shrimps & Radish
  • Kao Ohb Mor Din Gong Rice served with Shrimps and Mushroom
  • Kao Ohb Supparod Fried Rice with Peas, Pineapple and Shrimps